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Tech Info: It's a Start

This is the beginning of the Roxen Module Source Tech Info Library. We'll be adding more information as we can, so if you don't see something you'd like, let us know.

nfontise script

If you are wanting to re-organise your old "fonts" as new "nfonts", you can obtain a simple perl script to automate this via


This is quite simply a listing of the script that does the job.

Module Development Kit

This will include everything you need to know to create your own Roxen modules. Right now, we're working on module templates, so that you can fill in the missing code to complete a module. Also listed is a link to the PDF version of the Roxen Server manual. This has some very good information about programming in pike, as well as a good overview of the module concept.
  • Download Roxen v1.1 Manual in PDF Format

Pike Module WWW.CGI

David Hedbor has written a pike module that provides some very nice features of roxen when writing cgi scripts in pike for both Roxen and non-Roxen servers. This requires a recent (0.5) version of Pike. The announcement may be found here:


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