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Privacy Policy

Riverweb will not design or host sites that misuse any privacy-sensitive technology. Riverweb client sites must observe the policies outlined below, unless there is a separate policy clearly posted on that site. A link to this page or the client domain’s privacy policy appears at the bottom of each page.

For questions not answered by this information, please contact our Webmaster.

Respecting Your Privacy

Some Riverweb sites may contain forms that request information about you. We try to discourage the solicitation of deeply personal information, but some businesses want to keep details about their customers on file to help them serve you better, and certain information is required in order to complete an online purchase. Before you submit personal information to a business, make sure you understand how the business will use that information, and to what extent your privacy will be protected.

Unless it is explicitly stated otherwise, information obtained by individual business that use Riverweb will not be available to any other site on our system (unless two or more sites are owned by the same company, and the company name is noted on each site).

Riverweb clients agree not to sell or misuse information obtained through their site without advance notification and your permission. Riverweb itself will never sell any information submitted directly to our site, nor will we send e-mail solicitation without your request.

Riverweb does not collect or store sensitive personal information by any means for any reason. Information gathered on behalf of clients is the property of the client and the client is responsible for proper use of the information in accordance with Riverweb policy. Riverweb does not allow “subliminal” information mining (through use of technology such as cookies or JavaScript) by any client.

Transaction Security

A lot of people are concerned about doing business over the Internet. The truth is, it’s usually as safe or safer than other ways you use your credit card. If you hesitate before using the Internet to do business, that’s being a smart consumer. You should know who you’re dealing with, what their policies are and how to get a refund if you’re dissatisfied — the same way you do when you shop at the local mall.

On the last page before you submit any credit card number to a Riverweb client site, you will be informed of the name and address of the actual business entity from whom you are making your purchase. Riverweb does not accept or process credit cards on behalf of others.

When you submit a purchase request to a Riverweb client using encryption, you can be sure that the information you submit will only be seen by yourself and the company you’re sending it to. Riverweb does not archive or allow its clients to archive financial information about customers on our web server. By default, all links that call pages in which credit card or other sensitive information will be requested are set to use encryption (https://) when the page is requested. Please check your browser’s security icon before submitting credit card information.


Our web server issues cookies. Most of them are the kind of cookies that are returned to the server — that is, the cookie is only used as a carrier of temporary information between the server (us) and the client (you). For example, a cookie is issued once and returned for every graphic on a web page. The server must give you a unique identity number as a visitor to any of our transaction sites the first time you visit, using a stored cookie. This only gives you an identity number to our server, and does not include any information about you. Riverweb client sites are prohibited from using cookies for any purpose other than as outlined above.

Third-party content inserted into a client page (e.g., banner advertising) may contain other forms of cookies that do not fall under these guidelines. This information is required in order to track exposure of web advertising and referrals for commissionable sales. Please refer to the privacy policies of these companies when you visit their sites for more information.

Unsolicited Commercial E-mail

Riverweb allows mail-forwarding service for its domain clients, but cannot control the use of other services by our clients to conduct mass mailings. Riverweb is strongly opposed to Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (UCE, aka “Spam”). If you receive UCE from a Riverweb client, please contact the business or the sending domain (part of the “From” address in the message) to complain. Riverweb does allow its clients to register information with customers, and does allow the gathering of e-mail addresses for 100% opt-in mailing lists. If you are subscribed to such a list, please contact the list owner for removal. Riverweb is not the sender of any commercial solicitation mail you receive.

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