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Subject: Re: Oracle + Roxen
Posted on: 5 June 2003 by Bill Welliver

Getting oracle is a relatively tricky proposition, complicated mostly by getting the oracle client set up properly. A couple of things need to be in order to use oracle with roxen.

1. you have to have pike that roxen runs with compiled with oracle

2. you have to have the oracle client installed and configured for use by the user that you start roxen as (because roxen uses the oracle clients).

to test this, you should be able to do a "sqlplus user/pass@sid" where sid is the oracle sid if the db is on the local
machine, or the global identifier if it's not.

3. test that this works by running the pike that your roxen uses. It's
typically in /path/to/roxen/server/bin or /usr/local/bin. You should get a hilfe> prompt. type the following command:

object s=Sql.sql("oracle://user:pass@globalidentifier");

you should get a result that says "object". if you do, you're good to go. if not, it should tell you a little more information.

I noticed that you're using roxen 1.3. you might have better luck with one of the caudium releases, as they use more modern versions of pike and are actively supported. they're almost completely drop in replacements for roxen 1.3, minus a bunch of bugs.

I hope this helps... let me know if you have any problems getting this to work.


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