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Subject: project searchpaths
Posted on: 14 February 1999 by Robert Andersson

Hi all!

On our department we have quite a few project going, where all the home pages of these project are located anywhere on the real file system. Sometime under a staff's home page and sometime under a projects account and... This is just fine since they should all be where the users want to have them.

Now we want the mount point to be e.g.


for each project. Right we could add quite a few filesystem-modules that would probably do the trick but it seems a bit much.

Do you have a nice solution on how to go about this »problem«? It would even be nice to have a small user interface for this so that the staff themself could add/edit/remove home pages for their projects. The last thing I suppose somebody have to write a roxen module, or similar...


Department of Linguistics
Göteborg University

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