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Subject: Re: Poking around in the configuration
Posted on: 20 May 1999 by Linus Tolke

Actually there are two problems and/or solutions that can be considered in this case. Either the problem is that you have a lot of alike servers that you would like to administer in one interface. In that case a power-GUI that controls all the servers at once would be nice if you want to administer it cowboy-stile (one man show).

Otherwise you would like a manually written configuration file (this is the Apache approach) that you can maintain, test (one a test server), and then distribute and activate. This is also the approach you will use if you want to make a pre-configured package to be installed with pkgadd, installsw, swinstall, or rpm over nfs/ftp or from CD.

Your scripts proves that the second alternative is feasable and then the first alternative is not really necessary although technically challenging.


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