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Subject: ICS Module
Posted on: 30 November 2000 by nick brooks

trying to install the ICS module, that is obtained from http://source.riverweb.com/dist, i get the following errors:

Internal server error: Sprintf: Wrong type for argument 2: expected string, got int.
send_message("default",object,"Hello! I just entered this room!") in line 263 in /usr/share/roxen/modules/ics.pike
find_file("rooms/default/frame",object) in line 501 in /usr/share/roxen/modules/ics.pike
low_get_file(object,0) in line 1385 in /usr/lib/roxen/base_server/configuration.pike
get_file(object,0) in line 1532 in /usr/lib/roxen/base_server/configuration.pike
handle_request() in line 1473 in /usr/lib/roxen/protocols/http.pike
got_data(0,string[531]) in line 1556 in /usr/lib/roxen/protocols/http.pike
__stdio_read_callback() in line 245 in /usr/share/pike/modules/Stdio.pmod.

Unfortunately, I don't know enough about pike to fully decipher what is wrong with this.
If anyone could shed some light onto this dilemna, it would be appreciated.

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