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Subject: Re: Roxen SQL Interactivity
Posted on: 16 September 1998 by Bill Welliver

What you can do is have a form surrounded by the sqloutput container like this:

<form action="blah.html">
<sqloutput query="select name,id from users where id='hww3'">
<input type=text name=name value="#name#"> Change your name
<input type=hidden name=id value="#id#">

and then in blah.html:

<formoutput quote="+">
<sqlquery query="UPDATE users SET name='+name+' WHERE id='+id+'">

And there you go! Use formoutput to insert the values from your form into the sql query string. The only downside is that RXML doesn't do validation of the values, so you have to accept what is input as the truth.

Hope this helps!


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