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Subject: Re: More work on the RMS
Posted on: 11 November 1998 by Linus Tolke

Perhaps a good way to start is for you, Bill, to write down
and publish "Good practises" when it comes to adding listings
among the Modules & Scripts.

Things like:
- You shall upload the script to the RMS! Why?
- Link 1 from the RMS shall be the documentation page!
(some more criteria...)

Then perhaps you could add a quality rating that is shown
when browsing the RMS and that is filled in by you or some
other RMS appointed member.
Initially every entry gets the rating 0.
The entries that meet up to the "Good practices" gets
rating 1. You could probably check that when you accept
the entry or modification.
Rating 2 and above are reserved for when someone actually
gets around to do some serious testing on the modules and


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