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Subject: Re: Anonymous CVS
Posted on: 8 May 1999 by Linus Tolke

I am not so sure that would be a good idea for all modules. The most important thing is that the developer responsible for a module gets the feedback that he needs, i.e. if he wants to have a number of alfa-testers getting the latest module all the time or he uses a large group of people helping him (more than three) the anonymous CVS solution is great. But otherwise, there is a potential overhead in reducing the commits to "working" versions or answering lots of strange question.

I would say that a cvs server with back-up, accessed with authentication and a simple web-based control of the access list for every project would be a much more useful thing. Then the project leader could invite developers that he trusts to take part of the development and he doesn't have to worry about the tedious system administration work involved in setting up a cvs archive of his own, having it backed up regularly...


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