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Subject: Re: Instant Cloned Website module
Posted on: 10 September 1999 by Mark Metson

A "good" SQL database eh? I have never lost data from QDDB, which is NOT
an SQL database; and when I tried out a helpdesk CGI package that wanted
SQL, I entered 7 help items and next day only one of them was still in the
database. I cannot now recall if that was mSQL or MySQL. I'm sure it was not
PostgresSQL. So, I have remained very shy of databases whose datafiles are
not plaintext that is editable with a text editor, readily legible to humans. Even though
I have never yet had to resort to that with QDDB so that its an added insurance
policy that I have not yet had to make a claim against.

It does now look like I am going to be forced to use some kind of database that
(a) Roxen interfaces nicely to; and
(b) Does not require periodic shutdown to run its consolidation/indexing but rather
can handle high traffic 24/7.
Because, I am looking to implement an Adult Verification System, probably
as one or more Roxen modules. Quite possibly even requiring all the protected
sites to run Roxen. ;-) At least if they want the most seamless possible integration.

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