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Module Ideas

Subject: Adult Verification Module
Posted on: 10 September 1999 by Mark Metson

OK, enough of mere pipe-dreams, I would like to put some useful modules into
the GNU domain that can make hard cash and thus I figure I ought to be able to
put some hard cash into stimulating module development.

I would like a module(s) - or a method as simple to the webserver admin as deplying
module(s) would be - that will:
(a) (configurably skippable) have someone/something else verify sale and/or age;
(b) create a new user (optionally a real unix user account);
(c) provide all the users with not only a homepage directory but also a content
directory viewable only by such users;
(d) (possibly requiring they be real unix users) provide web-based and POP email
for them (IMHO could fill this slot if we do have to have them be real unix users)
(e) disable their passwords upon automated command of the someone or
something that (optionally) validated purchase and/or age

Thats the basics. I am also of course interested in creating the someone or something
that does that optional validation, and it of course must be the same someone or
something that determines who is able to view the members protected websites.

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