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Subject: Distributed Verification
Posted on: 10 September 1999 by Mark Metson

Roxen is an Information Platform, not a mere webserver nor a mere database.
Hence I think it reasonable to think of Roxen rather than a database component
for this idea:

Distributed Verification/Validation, not only of Adults but also how about validating
that someone is a genuine child? Genuinely of the gender they claim to be?
Genuinely the author of a software package? Genuinely a citizen of a certain
country? Etc etc etc. Akin to the way that PGP and Server Certificates spread
the certainty and uncertainty - who are you going to trust? How many entities of
what reliability in your eyes claim a thing is or is not legitimately to be counted as
possessed of a certain attribute?

Applications here of course go all the way to online voting - how many people
say this dude is genuinely the person best qualified to run a certain country or
enterprise, etc.... But starting out with "lets follow up the references the website
visitor provides and see if we believe their claim"...

I know, ambitious. But whats life without dreams, eh? ;-)

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