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Subject: Restricting Images in Photo Album
Posted on: 5 February 1999 by Mark Metson

Having thumbnails that are viewable by un-authenticated users
yet requiring authentication for access to the full size images
linked to the thumbnails is a very common desire in certain
applications - e.g. Adult Sites. So, here is how I have gotten
it to work with the Photo Album module despite that module's
pre-parsing of the images.

The approach I used is to make a restrcited filesystem which has
a higher priority than the Photo Album filesystem but is mounted
at the same spot in the virtual filesystem. Thus it blocks the
/fotoalbum/ URLs used to link to the images but does not block
the actual page of thumbnails (provided that page is located in
a filesystem mounted elsewhere and not restricted, of course).

This is still not pretty simply because the error.pike custom
error messages do not seem to work for authentication errors,
but it does the restricting, which is a start.

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