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Subject: Restricting separate frames
Posted on: 3 April 1999 by Piotr Poznanski


Have You ever try to create pages with <FRAMESET>?
If so, You probably noticed, that sometimes it make no sense
to load one of the frames without all the context.
Modern browsers wich try to guess the URL often adds the path
for frame where it should be / or /index.html...

So idea is to write the module preventing loading other docs before loading exact one, having <FRAMESET>. I guess it can be done by checking referrer information. If there is no referer it probably means that someon just start the browser and typed the URL.
If referer is set, but pointing outside of our server/subtree
also it's wrong. In those cases we can send information (customized by module config of course;) like that:

You've requested page wich is a part of...
I suggest that You start from <a href="configured-starting-page"> here </a>.

In any other situation server should normaly send requested page.

Well. I'm new to the Roxen server, and new to Pike, but I'm impressed
by flexibility of it. That's why decided to post that here. ANd if
one of You can create such module I guess it will be usefull for many
users out there :)


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