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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Security/Authentication

Click on a module name for more detailed information.

123 Session Module
It's a module that helps the server to identify connects from the same browser. For such a session, variables can be stored within Roxen and can be used in the applications. Additionally, a user can be attached to a session and the applications can read and write variables for a specific user.
CAudium Mail Access System
CAMAS is a Webmail designed for the Caudium Webserver. CAMAS is a fork of the well known IMHO webmail with a lots of new features and configurations option that have been added. Code is modularized and optimized for Pike 7.x and web documented. Features included : IMAP support, MTA and MUA DSN, Multiple mailboxes, Secure connections using Caudium SSL3, Delete, moving mail, filter, autofilters, drafts, etc...
GDBM Authentication
Authentication module which uses GDBM databases as the authentication source.
NT User Authentication
This user database and security module authenticates users against WinNT/SMB (Samba) servers. This module is two part: a pike module written in C and the Roxen module written in pike. You must compile and install the SMBAuth pike module before NTUserauth will work properly. This module also supports using "domain/username" as the username in order to allow access to user databases spread through multiple domains.
remote_user Tag
This module defines a tag <remote_user>, which resolves to the name of the authenticated user on protected pages (otherwise an empty string).
SQL User Database
Allows use of Pike supported SQL databases as user authentication sources.
SQL User Database Authentication
Modifications made to SQLuserdb.pike to allow caching of user authentication information and to block multiple 401 attempts from particular IP addresses. Probably limited interest to the general public, but anyone running an authenticated server may want to take a look.
SSL3 enabler
Enables SSL3 128b in international "Lobotomized" version
Token Filesystem (pay Per View)
A pay per view module - Allows someone to buy credits/tokens, and use them to view pages on your site. if they don't use all of their credits/tokens within a set time (configurable), they expire anyway (from your database)

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