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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Directory

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CAudium Mail Access System
CAMAS is a Webmail designed for the Caudium Webserver. CAMAS is a fork of the well known IMHO webmail with a lots of new features and configurations option that have been added. Code is modularized and optimized for Pike 7.x and web documented. Features included : IMAP support, MTA and MUA DSN, Multiple mailboxes, Secure connections using Caudium SSL3, Delete, moving mail, filter, autofilters, drafts, etc...
Clickable Path
Creates a <PATH> tag which generates a clickable path list. Has support for <GTEXT>ified links and <APRE> settings.
Custom Error Messages
Allows error messages to be specified as html files based on error codes.
Error Message
This module generate a error-message for some virtual trees.
It a simple directory module for displaying directory listings with title of document. It uses simple scripting in the configuration interface to format it for display on your page, so you can use HTML and RXML tags. (Auto removes pike tag.) Still in a very basic form.
Allows for the addition of background image colors and look & feel of the directories listing to be more customizable for your site. Basically includes the addition of variables in the config interface that allows you to modify the <body> tag and display the directory how you want. Also now displays the directories in tables so they fit uniformatively on the screen.

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