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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Data Processing

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123 Session Module
It's a module that helps the server to identify connects from the same browser. For such a session, variables can be stored within Roxen and can be used in the applications. Additionally, a user can be attached to a session and the applications can read and write variables for a specific user.
Roxen equivalent to the asis module in Apache. It's purpose is to allow asis documents created for apache to be served by roxen.
Encode Unsafe HTML
This is a provider module, that allows other modules to include HTML from untrusted sources (such as user-input), by encoding some tags, but allowing others; the result is that users can use <b> or <i> to make their input more attractive, but they can't use javascript or destructive RXML tags. The module also automagically closes container tags, if the user 'forgets' to. The list of 'safe' tags can be set from the configuration interface, so the site can be as secure or permissive as the system administrator wishes.
Form Module
The form module parses forms to find out what variables are defined, so that when the form-output is processed we not only know which values are set, but also which values have been possible also, hidden variables will be completely removed, and therefore become really hidden.
Mail presentation
This is an extremely simple module that takes a file with the extension .mail and assuming it contains exactly one email saved in Unix mailbox-format it makes some magic and returns a text/html document.
If you have ever used the emacs outline mode, folding in and out the different levels of sections and subsections you can use this module. It reads a file in the outline format, the same format used by the default settings in emacs, and presents it in html either with sections and subsections that are openable and closeable or with a numbering of the sections.
RDF emit source
An emit source for displaying RDF summaries for Roxen 2.1, with a persistent MySQL cache.
Table of Contents Builder
This module will take an HTML document (or part of) and create a Table of Contents, based on the H1 H2 and H3 tags. The Table of Contents can then be inserted into the document, providing links into the document via anchors.
Token Filesystem (pay Per View)
A pay per view module - Allows someone to buy credits/tokens, and use them to view pages on your site. if they don't use all of their credits/tokens within a set time (configurable), they expire anyway (from your database)
This module enables users of the system to read their email on a webpage.

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