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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Filesystems

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Custom Error Messages
Allows error messages to be specified as html files based on error codes.
A little something to make a directory of pure raw textfiles into HTML, with sufficient browsing/navigation capabilities to be usable. Page design is a matter of template tweaking.
Emit File System
This is a file system for building sites with XML files converted on the fly to html and or wml. For each request, 2 files of xml and extra data from id (encoded in xml) is passed to the server for processing by the XSLT tag module.
Error Message
This module generate a error-message for some virtual trees.
iVend enables electronic commerce within the roxen environment.
Photo Album
A module supposed to reduce the fuss of setting up a snazzy photoalbum with navigation, a thumbnail index and stacks of other features ;-) to merely putting images in a directory along with a basic index.html file.
Thumbnails are cool. It lets users get a peek at large image files without the hassle of clicking back and forth through a web. However, the Netscape extensions to the <img> tag have two faults: a) they are extensions; and b) they still have to download the full image. You can scale the thumbnails in advance as separate files, but isn't that a pain? It also doesn't seem right somehow.
Token Filesystem (pay Per View)
A pay per view module - Allows someone to buy credits/tokens, and use them to view pages on your site. if they don't use all of their credits/tokens within a set time (configurable), they expire anyway (from your database)
User FS MKII for Roxen 1.3.xx
This is new version of the standart user filesystem for Roxen 1.3.xx. This include the following new functions : o Hashing of home directory with configurables levels, o Enable/Disable the banish list for example when you don't have any auth module, o New Virtual User Hosting system, you can now support a "stupid user workaround" that add a configurable prefix on all virtual user requet like "www.". E.g. http://foouser.nop.org/ can be also accessed by http://www.foouser.nop.org/ :)
This module enables users of the system to read their email on a webpage.

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