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Installed Discussit from scratch

Posted by: Chris Davies @ daviesinc.com
Posted on: 30 January 2002

Seems that it is looking for information to be there when it is first installed.

Enabling DiscussIt! # 0 ... Error while initiating module copy of DiscussIt!
mysql->list_tables(): Cannot list databases: No Database Selected
/usr/lib/pike7/7.0.355/modules/Sql.pmod/mysql.pike: list_tables()
/usr/lib/pike7/7.0.355/modules/Sql.pmod/sql.pike:484: list_tables("forum_names")local_modules/discussit/discussit.pike:66: start()
base_server/configuration.pike:2861: enable_module("discussit")
base_server/mainconfig.pike:714: new_module_copy(base_server/mainconfig.pike.Node(),"discussit",protocols/http2.pike())

Also, on the textarea input box for the comment, put a wrap=physical.

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