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David Hedbor (neotron)
david at hedbor dot org

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Listings owned by David Hedbor:

Title   Type   Accesses  
Module FAQ Module  FAQ Module  2943  
Module Referrer Deny  Referrer Deny  2916  

Discussion Comments written by David Hedbor:

Forum   Comment Subject   Date  
Just for Newbies  Re: These discussion groups . . .  1999-02-05 23:25:57  
Module Ideas  Re: Membership Site module  1999-05-14 05:57:37  
Module Ideas  Re: Restricting Images in Photo Album  1999-05-14 06:02:52  
General Discussion  Re: .html vs .rxml, .spml, .spider  1999-05-14 06:10:45  
General Discussion  Re: Roxen API Documentation  1999-05-14 06:11:46  
General Discussion  Re: Re:  1999-05-14 06:13:59  
Module Ideas  Re: Anti Bandwidth-leeching for images  1999-11-02 19:49:19  
General Discussion  Re: Hard time with named ftp  2000-04-11 18:12:22  

Listing Comments written by David Hedbor:

Listing   Comment Subject   Date  
Module Graphical Counter  In the normal distribution...  1999-03-31 22:07:01  
Module Referrer Deny  Where Do I get it?  1999-12-06 22:05:13  
Module remote_user Tag  Why?  1999-09-10 19:54:50  

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