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Chris Davies (cd34)
mcd at daviesinc dot com

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Listings owned by Chris Davies:

Title   Type   Accesses  
Module 404 Redirect  404 Redirect  2860  
Module BrowserDeny  BrowserDeny  2890  
Module JavaMenu  JavaMenu  3078  
Script SQL User Database Authentication  SQL User Database Authentication  2898  

Discussion Comments written by Chris Davies:

Forum   Comment Subject   Date  
Module Ideas  Re: error.pike and error code 401  2000-10-03 16:46:30  

Listing Comments written by Chris Davies:

Listing   Comment Subject   Date  
Module DiscussIt!  Installed Discussit from scratch  2002-01-30 22:26:31  
Module DiscussIt!    2002-01-30 22:30:41  

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