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Xavier Beaudouin (kiwi)
kiwi at oav dot net

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Listings owned by Xavier Beaudouin:

Title   Type   Accesses  
Module CAudium Mail Access System  CAudium Mail Access System  3564  
Module Floating Code Module  Floating Code Module  3201  
Module Kiwi\'s HTTPD simulated logger  Kiwi\'s HTTPD simulated logger  3484  
Module POP3 server module  POP3 server module  3095  
Script PopDrop  PopDrop  2976  
Module Referrer Deny MKII  Referrer Deny MKII  2432  
Module SQL Counter  SQL Counter    
Module SQLCounter  SQLCounter  3204  
Module Swarning Stars  Swarning Stars  3073  
Module User FS MKII for Roxen 1.3.xx  User FS MKII for Roxen 1.3.xx  2694  

Discussion Comments written by Xavier Beaudouin:

Forum   Comment Subject   Date  
Module Ideas  Re: WebDAV module  1999-05-21 09:50:18  
Roxen Advocacy  Re: Poking around in the configuration  1999-05-21 09:56:49  

Listing Comments written by Xavier Beaudouin:

Listing   Comment Subject   Date  
kiwi currently has no listing comments.      

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