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Subject: Re: MySQL + Roxen
Posted on: 7 October 1999 by Philip M. Hofer (Frumph)

Well to start the reason mysql is off the disabled list was because you compiled roxen while having mysql installed, it found the libraries and figured for itself to include mysql as a possible avenue for roxen to use.

As for actually connecting to the database itself make sure you add the sql module to your virtual server and specify the settings in the setup of the sql module in the virtual server itself.

for example under default SQL-Table host I have:


than, when I want to do something WITH the database I do something like:

<sqloutput database=sleepless
query="SELECT userid, username, city FROM userinfo ORDER BY username">

notice I utilize the database= inside the line, .. one thing to look for is to make sure that the user:password you use has access to do things to the particular database you use. (mind you thats inside mysql to setup permissions not roxen)

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