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Subject: Roxen + SQL Interactivity
Posted on: 15 September 1998 by Graeme Davis

I am playing around trying to learn how to integrate a SQL database into Roxen web pages. Using the <sql*> tags is easy to display the data, but now I am at the point of wanting the SQL data to be editable and have new rows entered by users. WHat is the easiest way to do this?

Say I wanted someone to be able to edit their 'listing' -- How would I pass variables to other html pages without using CGI -- I like Roxen's ability to stay away from CGI as much as possible.

Once I have all the data in a form, how would I make it so when user presses the 'submit' button, it would add/edit that row in the database?

Maybe this should be in the newbies section... sorry :)

Any comments, hints?

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