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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Logging

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Custom Error Messages
Allows error messages to be specified as html files based on error codes.
Delayed parser
This module provides the tag <delayed-parser></delayed-parser> which evaluate its RXML contents after the page has been sent away to the client. This is useful when you want to do e.g. database queries, but don't want to keep the user waiting. OTOH you can not present any errors.
Intelligent Error Module
This module replaces the common Roxen error message. Whenever a nonexistent page is linked to by someone from within your website/websites, it may send you a mail, notifying you of the event or log the event in the eventlog, as you please. If, however, the referring document originated from a search engine -- say Altavista -- the module will try to report this url as a bad link to the engine, in an effort to make the web a little less 404-ridden. (Don't you just hate those 404:s?) When the referring document was not on your site(s) and not a known search engine, the module will quietly log the referring document, the requested document and start counting how many times this link has been followed here. Currently the module exists only on the drawing-board; coding is in a very early phase.
In short, Jawst is an offline HTTPd logfile analyzer and report generator.
Kiwi\'s HTTPD simulated logger
This little module was made to have a very complete cern httpd or compatible log file with Roxen. The main idea of this module is there is all the query_string of the http request. So if you use some pike script with a lot of queries you can know with your ordinary log system (webalizer, jawst, etc...) all referers and the complete url.
Allows logging of access data to a Pike supported SQL database. Version 1.0 should now be threadsafe. This version will run under Roxen 1.2 final or higher. Changes may be required to use with a pike 0.6 based roxen.

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