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Intelligent Error Module ( 51 )
Author: Johan Sundström ( johan at id3 dot org )
License: GPL   Roxen Version: 1.2
Rating: 1 Pikes Click for information about ratings. (Coming Soon!)

This module replaces the common Roxen
error message. Whenever a nonexistent
page is linked to by someone from within
your website/websites, it may send you
a mail, notifying you of the event or
log the event in the eventlog, as you

If, however, the referring document
originated from a search engine -- say
Altavista -- the module will try to
report this url as a bad link to the
engine, in an effort to make the web a
little less 404-ridden. (Don't you just
hate those 404:s?)

When the referring document was not on
your site(s) and not a known search
engine, the module will quietly log the
referring document, the requested
document and start counting how many
times this link has been followed here.

Currently the module exists only on the
drawing-board; coding is in a very early

Last updated February 6th 2000. Owned by johan.

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