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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Filters

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123 Session Module
It's a module that helps the server to identify connects from the same browser. For such a session, variables can be stored within Roxen and can be used in the applications. Additionally, a user can be attached to a session and the applications can read and write variables for a specific user.
Roxen equivalent to the asis module in Apache. It's purpose is to allow asis documents created for apache to be served by roxen.
Cache stabilizer
This module is to make more efficient use of (reverse) proxies. It modifies the Last-modified and Expires headers, to change only in intervals. It uses regexps for different priorities. Usefull if your site gets visited by a lot of proxies or if you have your site residing behind a reverse proxy.
CAudium Mail Access System
CAMAS is a Webmail designed for the Caudium Webserver. CAMAS is a fork of the well known IMHO webmail with a lots of new features and configurations option that have been added. Code is modularized and optimized for Pike 7.x and web documented. Features included : IMAP support, MTA and MUA DSN, Multiple mailboxes, Secure connections using Caudium SSL3, Delete, moving mail, filter, autofilters, drafts, etc...
Allows disclaimers to be added to pages before the </body> tag.
Email Address Cloaking Device
This module mutilates mailto links for all web robots scooping your site for mail addresses, rendering your mail addresses a bit more spam safe without your using ugly crippled mail addresses like foo@nospam.bar.baz etc. The module accomplishes this by filtering all <a href="mailto:..."> tags and all <form method=POST action="mailto:..."> tags when the browser is a web robot (as detected by the Roxen supports database), replacing those links with whatever the module is set up to. No extra strain is put on the server when common visitors view your pages; then, the module will just silently pass the request on to your other modules.
Encode Unsafe HTML
This is a provider module, that allows other modules to include HTML from untrusted sources (such as user-input), by encoding some tags, but allowing others; the result is that users can use <b> or <i> to make their input more attractive, but they can't use javascript or destructive RXML tags. The module also automagically closes container tags, if the user 'forgets' to. The list of 'safe' tags can be set from the configuration interface, so the site can be as secure or permissive as the system administrator wishes.
Layout Module
Basic Layout Module: Create a basic layout for your site, similar to Per\'s Layout Module, however infinitely more configurable Changes from version 1.1 to 1.2 - just a few bug fixes (minor)
Mailcloak is a simple anti-spam module. Wrap email addresses in <mailcloak> </mailcloak> tags, and they will be replaced with a gtext graphic, linking to a page to send mail to that email address. mailcloak uses the email, gtext, and html_wash modules to do it's job. It also uses the new database system introduced in Roxen 2.2, so requires version 2.2 or later.
If you have ever used the emacs outline mode, folding in and out the different levels of sections and subsections you can use this module. It reads a file in the outline format, the same format used by the default settings in emacs, and presents it in html either with sections and subsections that are openable and closeable or with a numbering of the sections.
Allows a virtual server to be shut off without having to remove it completely.
It adds crude bandwidth throttling in a manner similar to Apache's mod_throttle. It does this by delaying the processing of connections if the bandwidth limit has been breached.
This module watches the load on your server host and switches the server off when load rises above a preset level.
Whitespace stripper
Filter module that strips away unnecessary whitespace.

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