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Email Address Cloaking Device ( 56 )
Version: 1.1
Author: Johan Sundström ( jhs at lysator dot liu dot se )
License: GPL   Roxen Version: 1.2
Rating: 1 Pikes Click for information about ratings. (Coming Soon!)

This module mutilates mailto links for all web robots scooping your
site for mail addresses, rendering your mail addresses a bit more spam
safe without your using ugly crippled mail addresses like
foo@nospam.bar.baz etc.

The module accomplishes this by filtering all <a href="mailto:...">
tags and all <form method=POST action="mailto:..."> tags when the
browser is a web robot (as detected by the Roxen supports database),
replacing those links with whatever the module is set up to. No extra
strain is put on the server when common visitors view your pages;
then, the module will just silently pass the request on to your other

Last updated February 4th 2000. Owned by jhs.

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