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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Database

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Delay SQL
delay_sql creates a tag <delaysql> that works in a similar manner to the Roxen <sqlquery> tag, with the difference that <delaysql> passes the query to a background task, for later execution after the page has been sent to the viewer. An example of how it could be used is <delaysql host='db' query='update counters set visits=visits+1 where id=&form.id;'> to update a counter of pageloads in a database without delaying the returned page. delay_sql does not use a callout - it submits the query to the Roxen background task queue so that it doesn't block or interfere with anything else on the webserver.
DiscussIt! is a module which allows easy creation of threaded discussion groups and forums. The Discussion Forums at RMS are powered by DiscussIt!.
GDBM Authentication
Authentication module which uses GDBM databases as the authentication source.
iVend enables electronic commerce within the roxen environment.
Allows logging of access data to a Pike supported SQL database. Version 1.0 should now be threadsafe. This version will run under Roxen 1.2 final or higher. Changes may be required to use with a pike 0.6 based roxen.
SQL User Database
Allows use of Pike supported SQL databases as user authentication sources.
Token Filesystem (pay Per View)
A pay per view module - Allows someone to buy credits/tokens, and use them to view pages on your site. if they don't use all of their credits/tokens within a set time (configurable), they expire anyway (from your database)

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