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Delay SQL ( 113 )
Author: Jeff Hungerford ( hungerf3 at house dot ofdoom dot com )
License: GPL   Roxen Version: Roxen 2.2
Rating: 1 Pikes Click for information about ratings. (Coming Soon!)

delay_sql creates a tag <delaysql> that works in a similar manner to the Roxen <sqlquery> tag, with the difference that <delaysql> passes the query to a background task, for later execution after the page has been sent to the viewer.

An example of how it could be used is <delaysql host='db' query='update counters set visits=visits+1 where id=&form.id;'> to update a counter of pageloads in a database without delaying the returned page.

delay_sql does not use a callout - it submits the query to the Roxen background task queue so that it doesn't block or interfere with anything else on the webserver.

Last updated July 21st 2003. Owned by hungerf3.

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