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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Tags

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123 Session Module
It's a module that helps the server to identify connects from the same browser. For such a session, variables can be stored within Roxen and can be used in the applications. Additionally, a user can be attached to a session and the applications can read and write variables for a specific user.
Calculator Module
I was disgusted by the lack of maths capability in RXML so I wrote a simple module to give let you add/subtract/multiply/divide capability in RXML. Enjoy.
CAudium Mail Access System
CAMAS is a Webmail designed for the Caudium Webserver. CAMAS is a fork of the well known IMHO webmail with a lots of new features and configurations option that have been added. Code is modularized and optimized for Pike 7.x and web documented. Features included : IMAP support, MTA and MUA DSN, Multiple mailboxes, Secure connections using Caudium SSL3, Delete, moving mail, filter, autofilters, drafts, etc...
Clickable Path
Creates a <PATH> tag which generates a clickable path list. Has support for <GTEXT>ified links and <APRE> settings.
Conditional linking
Adds an extra container tag, <linkif>, that lets you specify a number of conditions (file or URL must equal a certain value etc, regexps may be used). If they are met, the tag contents will be linked to the specified location. Otherwise, the contents will be normal text. All normal attributes to the HTML anchor tag can be used; they will be added to the anchor tag as well.
Delay SQL
delay_sql creates a tag <delaysql> that works in a similar manner to the Roxen <sqlquery> tag, with the difference that <delaysql> passes the query to a background task, for later execution after the page has been sent to the viewer. An example of how it could be used is <delaysql host='db' query='update counters set visits=visits+1 where id=&form.id;'> to update a counter of pageloads in a database without delaying the returned page. delay_sql does not use a callout - it submits the query to the Roxen background task queue so that it doesn't block or interfere with anything else on the webserver.
Delayed parser
This module provides the tag <delayed-parser></delayed-parser> which evaluate its RXML contents after the page has been sent away to the client. This is useful when you want to do e.g. database queries, but don't want to keep the user waiting. OTOH you can not present any errors.
DiscussIt! is a module which allows easy creation of threaded discussion groups and forums. The Discussion Forums at RMS are powered by DiscussIt!.
It a simple directory module for displaying directory listings with title of document. It uses simple scripting in the configuration interface to format it for display on your page, so you can use HTML and RXML tags. (Auto removes pike tag.) Still in a very basic form.
FAQ Module
The FAQ module is a simple module that allows a site owner to create and maintain any number of FAQs. This is done using two simple tags. One to show an FAQ and one to edit any of the FAQs.
Finder Module
This module creates a cool select box to pick a local file (ie, an image to go with an article from an images directory). It's still a little buggy, but we use it for site admin on a number of sites. Has a strange issue with XIMG, also (see comments in module).
This module is to help designers who do shockwave flash. It includes necessary information in the embedding of the flash into the page that are most often forgotten. {flash2 src="flash.swf" otherparams}
Floating Code Module
I love a lot HTML4 layers.... We can do a lot of smart stuff and having fun with such things... ;-) A friend of mine is working on very interesting site on PC stuff (like motherboard, CPUs, Hardisks, etc.). He really want to find a new way for "special" sponsors. The top, left, right, bottom banners are good but not really a new concepts. Most of the new PCs or Mac have a HTML4 compliant browser (ie Mozilla 4+), so the main idea to exploit the layers with such browsers... Because I really hate to add JavaScript code and HTML4 stuff that bugs me when I read the RXML code I program I made this module. This module allow you include whatever you want RXML, HTML code between <float> .... </float> RXML tags and present this code (banners, ads, ...) on the top of the page with left to right scroll or right to left scroll. This can works with frames... This is a bit original for banner, and really I love this ! BUGS : Seems to works only on Netscape 4+, not on MSIE 4+ (I didn''t try with MSIE 5+, but I suppose it doesn''t works...).
Form Module
The form module parses forms to find out what variables are defined, so that when the form-output is processed we not only know which values are set, but also which values have been possible also, hidden variables will be completely removed, and therefore become really hidden.
A MODULE_PARSER that acts as a wrapper around a javascript that does the pop-up Java Menus.
Creates JavaScript enabled Pulldowns that automatically cause the browser to jump to a page. Version 1.2 adds new preparse option in container.
Mailcloak is a simple anti-spam module. Wrap email addresses in <mailcloak> </mailcloak> tags, and they will be replaced with a gtext graphic, linking to a page to send mail to that email address. mailcloak uses the email, gtext, and html_wash modules to do it's job. It also uses the new database system introduced in Roxen 2.2, so requires version 2.2 or later.
Mailform is a small module for dumping forms to mail. It parses a new tag <mailform></mailform> like a <form></form>. It's also very configurable.
Enables the emailing of RXML output using the MAILIT container. This version supports SMTP mailing to a central mail hub, and MIME messages with attachments. Compatibile with NT.
METAR emit source
Emit source for METAR weather data.
Its very common that you want to include metatags on the top of every document but grow tiresome of having to type them in each and everytime you want to include them. This module creates a macro-like tag which you can utilize stored information to add as metatags at your will.
Photo Album
A module supposed to reduce the fuss of setting up a snazzy photoalbum with navigation, a thumbnail index and stacks of other features ;-) to merely putting images in a directory along with a basic index.html file.
This module allows easy creation of slideshows and presentations.
remote_user Tag
This module defines a tag <remote_user>, which resolves to the name of the authenticated user on protected pages (otherwise an empty string).
Allows the users of your site to vote at polls, suggest new poll questions. It also contains a simple administrators interface and enough automatic behaviour to be easy to use for any stressed web master. Copyright (C) 1998 Thomas F Abrahamsson The Elfwood Project, thomas@elfwood.com (alt: celborn@lysator.liu.se)
Sexy Body Tag Module
This module modifies the default behavior of the <BODY> tag so that if you specify <BODY> without any arguments then it replaces it with the default colour arguments from the roxen configuration interface. This is the beginnings of a module, and will not currently handle onLoad events or the like.
This is a module that can be used as an <accessed> replacement that store hits in an SQL Database.
Swarning Stars
This module create some fancy stars which follows the mouse on the top of the HTML page on HTML4 compliant browser.
Table of Contents Builder
This module will take an HTML document (or part of) and create a Table of Contents, based on the H1 H2 and H3 tags. The Table of Contents can then be inserted into the document, providing links into the document via anchors.
you can make nice gradient texts, to decorate you web page. It uses <font color=\"#rrggbb\"> for every letter of the given text
The TeX/LaTeX Module
Allows creation of graphics using LaTeX and TeX syntax.
Thumbnails are cool. It lets users get a peek at large image files without the hassle of clicking back and forth through a web. However, the Netscape extensions to the <img> tag have two faults: a) they are extensions; and b) they still have to download the full image. You can scale the thumbnails in advance as separate files, but isn't that a pain? It also doesn't seem right somehow.
Adds a new tag <trimpath> which wipes out incorrect parts of an URL. The main purpose of this tag is to put it in the "No such file" message.

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