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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Redirection

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404 Redirect
Ran into an issue where I could not get <redirect to="http://site.com" /> to work in an error page. Wrote a quick MODULE_LAST to basically redirect to a URL if no other module handled the request.
A MODULE_FIRST that will hand mechanical browsers like Teleport, WebFetch, etc an error 403 or redirect them to the site of your choosing. Uses Regexp to allow easy configuration of browser strings to deny.
Email Address Cloaking Device
This module mutilates mailto links for all web robots scooping your site for mail addresses, rendering your mail addresses a bit more spam safe without your using ugly crippled mail addresses like foo@nospam.bar.baz etc. The module accomplishes this by filtering all <a href="mailto:..."> tags and all <form method=POST action="mailto:..."> tags when the browser is a web robot (as detected by the Roxen supports database), replacing those links with whatever the module is set up to. No extra strain is put on the server when common visitors view your pages; then, the module will just silently pass the request on to your other modules.
Error Message
This module generate a error-message for some virtual trees.
ISO-8859-1 for Dummies
A module that helps you banish ugly non-8-bit URL:s (without using %20 and the like), by compensating for Dumb<tm> clients (most notably macintosh clients, but also some particularly dumb MSIE flavours) who remap certain 8-bit characters in the URL to other characters in their queries.
Adds a new tag <trimpath> which wipes out incorrect parts of an URL. The main purpose of this tag is to put it in the "No such file" message.

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