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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Fun Stuff

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Microsoft Free Fridays: reject MSIE on Friday.<br> More information: <a href="http://davenet.userland.com/2001/06/13" >http://davenet.userland.com/2001/06/13</a>
A little something to make a directory of pure raw textfiles into HTML, with sufficient browsing/navigation capabilities to be usable. Page design is a matter of template tweaking.
Floating Code Module
I love a lot HTML4 layers.... We can do a lot of smart stuff and having fun with such things... ;-) A friend of mine is working on very interesting site on PC stuff (like motherboard, CPUs, Hardisks, etc.). He really want to find a new way for "special" sponsors. The top, left, right, bottom banners are good but not really a new concepts. Most of the new PCs or Mac have a HTML4 compliant browser (ie Mozilla 4+), so the main idea to exploit the layers with such browsers... Because I really hate to add JavaScript code and HTML4 stuff that bugs me when I read the RXML code I program I made this module. This module allow you include whatever you want RXML, HTML code between <float> .... </float> RXML tags and present this code (banners, ads, ...) on the top of the page with left to right scroll or right to left scroll. This can works with frames... This is a bit original for banner, and really I love this ! BUGS : Seems to works only on Netscape 4+, not on MSIE 4+ (I didn''t try with MSIE 5+, but I suppose it doesn''t works...).
Intelligent Error Module
This module replaces the common Roxen error message. Whenever a nonexistent page is linked to by someone from within your website/websites, it may send you a mail, notifying you of the event or log the event in the eventlog, as you please. If, however, the referring document originated from a search engine -- say Altavista -- the module will try to report this url as a bad link to the engine, in an effort to make the web a little less 404-ridden. (Don't you just hate those 404:s?) When the referring document was not on your site(s) and not a known search engine, the module will quietly log the referring document, the requested document and start counting how many times this link has been followed here. Currently the module exists only on the drawing-board; coding is in a very early phase.
This module allows easy creation of slideshows and presentations.
Allows the users of your site to vote at polls, suggest new poll questions. It also contains a simple administrators interface and enough automatic behaviour to be easy to use for any stressed web master. Copyright (C) 1998 Thomas F Abrahamsson The Elfwood Project, thomas@elfwood.com (alt: celborn@lysator.liu.se)
Simple RXML forums
Provides simple threaded forum discussion areas reminiscent of the old "BBS" message areas. Consists solely of RXML scripts -- no modules to add. Considerable configurabilty without editing the RXML (and a lot more if you do :-). Requires MySQL and Roxen. Free for any use whatsoever.
This is a module that can be used as an <accessed> replacement that store hits in an SQL Database.
Swarning Stars
This module create some fancy stars which follows the mouse on the top of the HTML page on HTML4 compliant browser.

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