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Subject: MySQL + Roxen
Posted on: 12 July 1999 by Jean-Pierre Utter Löfgren

I'm just wondering what is needed by Roxen in order to connect to MySQL databases?

I'm running Linux using the Slackware release and have run Mysql for some time now. Since I started using Roxen, well, my life as adminstrator got somewhat easier, but now I've got to the point where I want to manipulate my sql data over the web.

I've tried to recompile the whole roxen 1.3 distribution using the "make install_all" In hope to get the interface working (with the full pike installation included), but it didn't work. In the roxen configureation interface, under action - development - roxen-featurelist it said before I started to messaround the system "msql, mysql, postgres" (and others) under disabled modules. Now it only says, "msql, postgres" (and others). Does anybody know why mysql dissapeared from the disabled? - How does one get the pikemodules enabled (if I kan get Mysql to appear ther again)?

I added an additional dummy-table called news in my database (which is accessable over the internet) and tried to retrieve information from using:

<sqltable host="mysql://user:pwd@localhost/www" query="SELECT * FROM news">

and always got the anwser:
Couldn't connect to SQL-server
Sql.sql(): Couldn't connect using the mysql database

Anyone got any ideas??

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