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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Scripting

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Delay SQL
delay_sql creates a tag <delaysql> that works in a similar manner to the Roxen <sqlquery> tag, with the difference that <delaysql> passes the query to a background task, for later execution after the page has been sent to the viewer. An example of how it could be used is <delaysql host='db' query='update counters set visits=visits+1 where id=&form.id;'> to update a counter of pageloads in a database without delaying the returned page. delay_sql does not use a callout - it submits the query to the Roxen background task queue so that it doesn't block or interfere with anything else on the webserver.
Delayed parser
This module provides the tag <delayed-parser></delayed-parser> which evaluate its RXML contents after the page has been sent away to the client. This is useful when you want to do e.g. database queries, but don't want to keep the user waiting. OTOH you can not present any errors.
File Randomizer
This script returns a randomly selected file. It can be used to rotate banner ads based on code provided by outside sources (e.g., Linkshare affiliate programs, AdClix banner program). How to use: Edit the pike file to reflect the correct directory path for the ads. To make an ad, save the HTML code for JUST THE AD in an HTML file, in the ad directory. Where you want to insert a random ad, use the INSERT tag as follows: <INSERT FILE="path/to/randomize.pike"> A different ad will be inserted each time the page is drawn. Can be used more than once on the same page, and will usually deliver two different ads (although there is the possiblity it will deliver the same one twice). Can also be used for non-advertising purposes, will work for random bits of code of any kind.
Form Module
The form module parses forms to find out what variables are defined, so that when the form-output is processed we not only know which values are set, but also which values have been possible also, hidden variables will be completely removed, and therefore become really hidden.
A MODULE_PARSER that acts as a wrapper around a javascript that does the pop-up Java Menus.
Creates JavaScript enabled Pulldowns that automatically cause the browser to jump to a page. Version 1.2 adds new preparse option in container.
Pike Script Module
Allows use of Pike Scripting Language.
PopDrop is a Pike-based POP3 mail fetcher. It stores all login, server, and e-mail information in an SQL database so it can be used as a POP3 fetcher and forwarder for large sites.
Programs cache management
This is an 'utility' script, which will help you manage your programs cache. It is useful especially when you're developing some pikescript or module. In that case, if your scripts inherits inherit from some other pike program, and you want to change the parent program, the cached version will be used, thus getting in the way. This pikescript will help you manage the programs cache selectively deleting those entries that get in your way.

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