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File Randomizer ( 66 )
Version: 1.0
Author: Bill Welliver ( hww3 at riverweb dot com )
License: GPL   Roxen Version: 1.2
Rating: 1 Pikes Click for information about ratings. (Coming Soon!)

This script returns a randomly selected file. It can be used to rotate banner ads based on code provided by outside sources (e.g., Linkshare affiliate programs, AdClix banner program).

How to use:

Edit the pike file to reflect the correct directory path for the ads. To
make an ad, save the HTML code for JUST THE AD in an HTML file, in the ad

Where you want to insert a random ad, use the INSERT tag as follows:
<INSERT FILE="path/to/randomize.pike">

A different ad will be inserted each time the page is drawn. Can be used
more than once on the same page, and will usually deliver two different ads
(although there is the possiblity it will deliver the same one twice).

Can also be used for non-advertising purposes, will work for random bits of
code of any kind.

Last updated January 31st 2000. Owned by hww3.

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