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Roxen Modules & Scripts: Utility

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Microsoft Free Fridays: reject MSIE on Friday.<br> More information: <a href="http://davenet.userland.com/2001/06/13" >http://davenet.userland.com/2001/06/13</a>
Roxen equivalent to the asis module in Apache. It's purpose is to allow asis documents created for apache to be served by roxen.
Calculator Module
I was disgusted by the lack of maths capability in RXML so I wrote a simple module to give let you add/subtract/multiply/divide capability in RXML. Enjoy.
CAudium Mail Access System
CAMAS is a Webmail designed for the Caudium Webserver. CAMAS is a fork of the well known IMHO webmail with a lots of new features and configurations option that have been added. Code is modularized and optimized for Pike 7.x and web documented. Features included : IMAP support, MTA and MUA DSN, Multiple mailboxes, Secure connections using Caudium SSL3, Delete, moving mail, filter, autofilters, drafts, etc...
A little something to make a directory of pure raw textfiles into HTML, with sufficient browsing/navigation capabilities to be usable. Page design is a matter of template tweaking.
Encode Unsafe HTML
This is a provider module, that allows other modules to include HTML from untrusted sources (such as user-input), by encoding some tags, but allowing others; the result is that users can use <b> or <i> to make their input more attractive, but they can't use javascript or destructive RXML tags. The module also automagically closes container tags, if the user 'forgets' to. The list of 'safe' tags can be set from the configuration interface, so the site can be as secure or permissive as the system administrator wishes.
It a simple directory module for displaying directory listings with title of document. It uses simple scripting in the configuration interface to format it for display on your page, so you can use HTML and RXML tags. (Auto removes pike tag.) Still in a very basic form.
FAQ Module
The FAQ module is a simple module that allows a site owner to create and maintain any number of FAQs. This is done using two simple tags. One to show an FAQ and one to edit any of the FAQs.
File Randomizer
This script returns a randomly selected file. It can be used to rotate banner ads based on code provided by outside sources (e.g., Linkshare affiliate programs, AdClix banner program). How to use: Edit the pike file to reflect the correct directory path for the ads. To make an ad, save the HTML code for JUST THE AD in an HTML file, in the ad directory. Where you want to insert a random ad, use the INSERT tag as follows: <INSERT FILE="path/to/randomize.pike"> A different ad will be inserted each time the page is drawn. Can be used more than once on the same page, and will usually deliver two different ads (although there is the possiblity it will deliver the same one twice). Can also be used for non-advertising purposes, will work for random bits of code of any kind.
quick script to find the IP addresses of windows PC's on a network when reverse DNS is not available and WINS is. You will need to edit the MASTER_BROWSER and WORKGROUP defines in the script to match your environment
Intelligent Error Module
This module replaces the common Roxen error message. Whenever a nonexistent page is linked to by someone from within your website/websites, it may send you a mail, notifying you of the event or log the event in the eventlog, as you please. If, however, the referring document originated from a search engine -- say Altavista -- the module will try to report this url as a bad link to the engine, in an effort to make the web a little less 404-ridden. (Don't you just hate those 404:s?) When the referring document was not on your site(s) and not a known search engine, the module will quietly log the referring document, the requested document and start counting how many times this link has been followed here. Currently the module exists only on the drawing-board; coding is in a very early phase.
ISO-8859-1 for Dummies
A module that helps you banish ugly non-8-bit URL:s (without using %20 and the like), by compensating for Dumb<tm> clients (most notably macintosh clients, but also some particularly dumb MSIE flavours) who remap certain 8-bit characters in the URL to other characters in their queries.
A MODULE_PARSER that acts as a wrapper around a javascript that does the pop-up Java Menus.
Kiwi\'s HTTPD simulated logger
This little module was made to have a very complete cern httpd or compatible log file with Roxen. The main idea of this module is there is all the query_string of the http request. So if you use some pike script with a lot of queries you can know with your ordinary log system (webalizer, jawst, etc...) all referers and the complete url.
Mailform is a small module for dumping forms to mail. It parses a new tag <mailform></mailform> like a <form></form>. It's also very configurable.
Enables the emailing of RXML output using the MAILIT container. This version supports SMTP mailing to a central mail hub, and MIME messages with attachments. Compatibile with NT.
Photo Album
A module supposed to reduce the fuss of setting up a snazzy photoalbum with navigation, a thumbnail index and stacks of other features ;-) to merely putting images in a directory along with a basic index.html file.
Pike Script Module
Allows use of Pike Scripting Language.
POP3 server module
This module acts as a POP3 server with Roxen... This can be used as a remplacement of pop3d or popper runned from inetd. Currently in developpment state... ;-)
Programs cache management
This is an 'utility' script, which will help you manage your programs cache. It is useful especially when you're developing some pikescript or module. In that case, if your scripts inherits inherit from some other pike program, and you want to change the parent program, the cached version will be used, thus getting in the way. This pikescript will help you manage the programs cache selectively deleting those entries that get in your way.
Server Template Creator
This config action allows you to create your own "New Server" template. Just select the modules you want to use when creating a new server, and this action will give you a new Template that will do it.
Allows a virtual server to be shut off without having to remove it completely.
It adds crude bandwidth throttling in a manner similar to Apache's mod_throttle. It does this by delaying the processing of connections if the bandwidth limit has been breached.
This module watches the load on your server host and switches the server off when load rises above a preset level.

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