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Mail presentation
This is an extremely simple module that takes a file with the extension .mail and assuming it contains exactly one email saved in Unix mailbox-format it makes some magic and returns a text/html document.
Mailcloak is a simple anti-spam module. Wrap email addresses in <mailcloak> </mailcloak> tags, and they will be replaced with a gtext graphic, linking to a page to send mail to that email address. mailcloak uses the email, gtext, and html_wash modules to do it's job. It also uses the new database system introduced in Roxen 2.2, so requires version 2.2 or later.
Mailform is a small module for dumping forms to mail. It parses a new tag <mailform></mailform> like a <form></form>. It's also very configurable.
Enables the emailing of RXML output using the MAILIT container. This version supports SMTP mailing to a central mail hub, and MIME messages with attachments. Compatibile with NT.
Meta Header
Allows you to create "meta files" containing HTTP header information that will be appended to the headers of the file being served. Particularly useful for setting expire times on images and other binary files that otherwise is subject to browser proprietary caching settings. Eg the MRTG package can generate meta files automatically.
METAR emit source
Emit source for METAR weather data.
Its very common that you want to include metatags on the top of every document but grow tiresome of having to type them in each and everytime you want to include them. This module creates a macro-like tag which you can utilize stored information to add as metatags at your will.

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