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Server Template Creator
This config action allows you to create your own "New Server" template. Just select the modules you want to use when creating a new server, and this action will give you a new Template that will do it.
Sexy Body Tag Module
This module modifies the default behavior of the <BODY> tag so that if you specify <BODY> without any arguments then it replaces it with the default colour arguments from the roxen configuration interface. This is the beginnings of a module, and will not currently handle onLoad events or the like.
Simple RXML forums
Provides simple threaded forum discussion areas reminiscent of the old "BBS" message areas. Consists solely of RXML scripts -- no modules to add. Considerable configurabilty without editing the RXML (and a lot more if you do :-). Requires MySQL and Roxen. Free for any use whatsoever.
This module adds an easy to use news feature to your page.
SQL Counter
An replacement that stores hits in a SQL database. It has several advantages to the standard Roxen tag.\r\ Multi-server safety being the main one (ie if you have 5 Roxen\'s for the same website, this module can be used in them all to get the total number of hits). The tag is called <sqlcounter>. It can also generate graphical counters using the graphical counter module. \r\ Now works and load under Roxen 2.1 :)
SQL Extras
This module adds to Roxen's SQL tag bag of tricks by providing 2 additional tags: <SQLREPORT> and <SQLFORM>. SQLREPORT generates a vertically oriented display of a database record. SQLFORM generates HTML form elements for a given table.
SQL User Database
Allows use of Pike supported SQL databases as user authentication sources.
SQL User Database Authentication
Modifications made to SQLuserdb.pike to allow caching of user authentication information and to block multiple 401 attempts from particular IP addresses. Probably limited interest to the general public, but anyone running an authenticated server may want to take a look.
This is a module that can be used as an <accessed> replacement that store hits in an SQL Database.
SSL3 enabler
Enables SSL3 128b in international "Lobotomized" version
Swarning Stars
This module create some fancy stars which follows the mouse on the top of the HTML page on HTML4 compliant browser.
Allows a virtual server to be shut off without having to remove it completely.

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