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FAQ Module
The FAQ module is a simple module that allows a site owner to create and maintain any number of FAQs. This is done using two simple tags. One to show an FAQ and one to edit any of the FAQs.
File Randomizer
This script returns a randomly selected file. It can be used to rotate banner ads based on code provided by outside sources (e.g., Linkshare affiliate programs, AdClix banner program). How to use: Edit the pike file to reflect the correct directory path for the ads. To make an ad, save the HTML code for JUST THE AD in an HTML file, in the ad directory. Where you want to insert a random ad, use the INSERT tag as follows: <INSERT FILE="path/to/randomize.pike"> A different ad will be inserted each time the page is drawn. Can be used more than once on the same page, and will usually deliver two different ads (although there is the possiblity it will deliver the same one twice). Can also be used for non-advertising purposes, will work for random bits of code of any kind.
Finder Module
This module creates a cool select box to pick a local file (ie, an image to go with an article from an images directory). It's still a little buggy, but we use it for site admin on a number of sites. Has a strange issue with XIMG, also (see comments in module).
quick script to find the IP addresses of windows PC's on a network when reverse DNS is not available and WINS is. You will need to edit the MASTER_BROWSER and WORKGROUP defines in the script to match your environment
This module is to help designers who do shockwave flash. It includes necessary information in the embedding of the flash into the page that are most often forgotten. {flash2 src="flash.swf" otherparams}
Floating Code Module
I love a lot HTML4 layers.... We can do a lot of smart stuff and having fun with such things... ;-) A friend of mine is working on very interesting site on PC stuff (like motherboard, CPUs, Hardisks, etc.). He really want to find a new way for "special" sponsors. The top, left, right, bottom banners are good but not really a new concepts. Most of the new PCs or Mac have a HTML4 compliant browser (ie Mozilla 4+), so the main idea to exploit the layers with such browsers... Because I really hate to add JavaScript code and HTML4 stuff that bugs me when I read the RXML code I program I made this module. This module allow you include whatever you want RXML, HTML code between <float> .... </float> RXML tags and present this code (banners, ads, ...) on the top of the page with left to right scroll or right to left scroll. This can works with frames... This is a bit original for banner, and really I love this ! BUGS : Seems to works only on Netscape 4+, not on MSIE 4+ (I didn''t try with MSIE 5+, but I suppose it doesn''t works...).
Footnote Module
A simple footnote module; it allows you to embed footnotes (with a <footnote> containter tag) in the body of your document, which gets replaced with a link to the footnote itself (the footnotes and link anchors get inserted with the <footnotes> tag.) News: v1.1 fixes a potential security hole, and has some new features (allowing the site designer to name the links, and the footnotes now link back to the body) courtesy Gilles Perez
Form Module
The form module parses forms to find out what variables are defined, so that when the form-output is processed we not only know which values are set, but also which values have been possible also, hidden variables will be completely removed, and therefore become really hidden.

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