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eCms- easy content management system
Simple Content management System \ based on Martin Baehr´s XMLtemplate module. (also required)\ sorry, no real docs. \
Email Address Cloaking Device
This module mutilates mailto links for all web robots scooping your site for mail addresses, rendering your mail addresses a bit more spam safe without your using ugly crippled mail addresses like foo@nospam.bar.baz etc. The module accomplishes this by filtering all <a href="mailto:..."> tags and all <form method=POST action="mailto:..."> tags when the browser is a web robot (as detected by the Roxen supports database), replacing those links with whatever the module is set up to. No extra strain is put on the server when common visitors view your pages; then, the module will just silently pass the request on to your other modules.
Emit File System
This is a file system for building sites with XML files converted on the fly to html and or wml. For each request, 2 files of xml and extra data from id (encoded in xml) is passed to the server for processing by the XSLT tag module.
Encode Unsafe HTML
This is a provider module, that allows other modules to include HTML from untrusted sources (such as user-input), by encoding some tags, but allowing others; the result is that users can use <b> or <i> to make their input more attractive, but they can't use javascript or destructive RXML tags. The module also automagically closes container tags, if the user 'forgets' to. The list of 'safe' tags can be set from the configuration interface, so the site can be as secure or permissive as the system administrator wishes.
Error Message
This module generate a error-message for some virtual trees.
Adds an easy to configure tag to handle page expiration headers.
It a simple directory module for displaying directory listings with title of document. It uses simple scripting in the configuration interface to format it for display on your page, so you can use HTML and RXML tags. (Auto removes pike tag.) Still in a very basic form.
Allows for the addition of background image colors and look & feel of the directories listing to be more customizable for your site. Basically includes the addition of variables in the config interface that allows you to modify the <body> tag and display the directory how you want. Also now displays the directories in tables so they fit uniformatively on the screen.

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