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Photo Album
A module supposed to reduce the fuss of setting up a snazzy photoalbum with navigation, a thumbnail index and stacks of other features ;-) to merely putting images in a directory along with a basic index.html file.
Pike Script Module
Allows use of Pike Scripting Language.
POP3 server module
This module acts as a POP3 server with Roxen... This can be used as a remplacement of pop3d or popper runned from inetd. Currently in developpment state... ;-)
PopDrop is a Pike-based POP3 mail fetcher. It stores all login, server, and e-mail information in an SQL database so it can be used as a POP3 fetcher and forwarder for large sites.
This module allows easy creation of slideshows and presentations.
A module that makes it easy to add and view pressreleases for a site\ Has list-five-latest, list-all and view\ It is very easy to use.
Programs cache management
This is an 'utility' script, which will help you manage your programs cache. It is useful especially when you're developing some pikescript or module. In that case, if your scripts inherits inherit from some other pike program, and you want to change the parent program, the cached version will be used, thus getting in the way. This pikescript will help you manage the programs cache selectively deleting those entries that get in your way.

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