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RDF emit source
An emit source for displaying RDF summaries for Roxen 2.1, with a persistent MySQL cache.
Referrer Deny
Deny accesses to certain files based on the referrer. For example it can be used to stop people from leeching your bandwidth or to make it harder for people to exploit cgi security holes.
Referrer Deny MKII
A module which allows you to deny or accept accesses to files matching a certain regexp based on their referrer. \ Very usefull to stop people from leeching images or files from your server without your permission.\ You can use this module for example on public webservers to avoid illegal software or data to be present on you server.\ \ This module was based on David Hedbor\'s Referrer Deny module on which I\'ve added some cool feature like \"switch\" to switch if on/off without unloading the module, rxml parsing of the error page, statistics, etc...\ \
remote_user Tag
This module defines a tag <remote_user>, which resolves to the name of the authenticated user on protected pages (otherwise an empty string).
Allows the users of your site to vote at polls, suggest new poll questions. It also contains a simple administrators interface and enough automatic behaviour to be easy to use for any stressed web master. Copyright (C) 1998 Thomas F Abrahamsson The Elfwood Project, thomas@elfwood.com (alt: celborn@lysator.liu.se)

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