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Table of Contents Builder
This module will take an HTML document (or part of) and create a Table of Contents, based on the H1 H2 and H3 tags. The Table of Contents can then be inserted into the document, providing links into the document via anchors.
telnet proxy
This module allows you to use Roxen as a telnet proxy, for example to pass through a firewall. You just need to telnet to your server's port, and ask for a telnet-type URL. More detailed instructions are in the module's source.
you can make nice gradient texts, to decorate you web page. It uses <font color=\"#rrggbb\"> for every letter of the given text
The TeX/LaTeX Module
Allows creation of graphics using LaTeX and TeX syntax.
It adds crude bandwidth throttling in a manner similar to Apache's mod_throttle. It does this by delaying the processing of connections if the bandwidth limit has been breached.
Thumbnails are cool. It lets users get a peek at large image files without the hassle of clicking back and forth through a web. However, the Netscape extensions to the <img> tag have two faults: a) they are extensions; and b) they still have to download the full image. You can scale the thumbnails in advance as separate files, but isn't that a pain? It also doesn't seem right somehow.
Thumbnail directory module
A directory listing module which displays files in an x-column table and creates thumbnails of any images present in the supported formats. Useful for e.g. creating quick and dirty photo albums.
Token Filesystem (pay Per View)
A pay per view module - Allows someone to buy credits/tokens, and use them to view pages on your site. if they don't use all of their credits/tokens within a set time (configurable), they expire anyway (from your database)
Adds a new tag <trimpath> which wipes out incorrect parts of an URL. The main purpose of this tag is to put it in the "No such file" message.

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